learn to play the chicago bears way!
6-14+  |  July 24-28  |  8:30-11:30am  |  $209

This football camp is a non-contact skills for boy and girls. Age appropriate, station-based training delivers results to both advanced players and newcomers. All programs provide football instruction, athletic skill development, fitness and agility training. Comprehensive instruction for all ages plus accelerated skills for experienced players. Featuring Bears Camp Heroes like Adrian Peterson, Al Harris, Johan Asiata, Mickey Pruitt, Wendell Davis, Jason McKie, Rashied Davis, Lewis Tillman, Anthony Morgan and Kris Haines. REGISTER ONLINE!

Learn more after camp!

Overtime Offensive Skills session
6-14+  |  July 24-28  |  11:30-12:30pm  |  $60

Position specific Skills session
6-14+  |  July 24-28  |  11:30-12:30pm  |  $60