Youth Sports

The Y offers year-round youth sports and fun for kids at all skill levels. Whether it’s gaining the confidence that comes from learning a sport or building the positive relationships that lead to good sportsmanship and teamwork, participating in sports at the Y is about building the whole child, from the inside out.

Volunteer coaches are essential to youth sports at the Y. Use your talents to encourage, guide and train young athletes at the Y. Volunteer today and help us make a difference. As a thank you, we offer our volunteer coaches a free voucher that can be used toward the next sports session. Please call 630-552-4100 ext 222 for more info.

Ages 7-12  |  Jan 11 - March 1 |  $35M/$45NM
This is a great league designed to keep your children active and moving with a game they enjoy. Players are placed onto teams and coached on throwing, dodging, catching, speed and agility.  Games will take place on Friday evenings from 5:30-6:30pm.

Ages 5-12  |  Jan 4 & Feb 8  |  6:30-7:30PM  |  $5 
Participants need to provide their own NERF guns, darts and protective eyewear. We will provide the obstacle course. A variety of games will be offered including Capture the Flag. Teams will be divided into age groups.

Ages 5+  |  Dec 14 & Jan 18  |  6:30-7:30PM  |  $5
Join us for our Kids Movie Nights! All movies will be rated G or PG. So bring your pajamas, pillow, and a blanket and we will provide popcorn. Movie titles TBA.

These clinics coincide with Winter Break and will be run by the YMCA Sports Department. The objectives of the clinics are to familiarize young participates with the skills and terminology used in both basketball and floor hockey. We encourage those who have never participated in basketball and/or floor hockey to register.

Basketball Clinic
Ages 5-12  |  Dec 26 - 28   |  10-11:00 am

Floor Hockey Clinic
Ages 4-12  |  Jan 2 - 4   |  10-11:00 am
$5M $10NM

Ages 6+ | Tuesday/Thursday(Monthly) | 7:30-8pm(6-12 year olds) 8-9pm(13+) | $20M/$40NM | Central

In this modern, Japanese martial art, the student will learn to use his/her opponent’s energy against them rather than using force against force. Safety is stressed and students will be taught to fall safely and to work in a cooperative manner with their training partners. Register online or with our front desk at 630-552-4100.

Did you know? In December 1891, at the International YMCA Training School in Springfield, Massachusetts, the school’s director gave physical education teacher James Naismith two weeks to come up with an indoor winter game to challenge a class of future Y directors. Naismith hung peach baskets to the bottom of a second-level running track and taught the men his new game: basketball. Today, basketball is second only to soccer as the most popular sport in the world.

Y Winners BballJANUARY 7 - MARCH 2Ages 5-12  |  $70M/$90NM  |  Central
This league will focus on basic fundamentals, as well as offensive and defensive strategies. IHSA Basketball rules will be progressively enforced at each age level. Practice will be held Monday or Wednesday at 5pm or 6pm. Games will be held on Saturday.

REGISTER ONLINE or call 630-552-4100 to register with our front desk.



January 12 - March 2
Fridays  |  $40M/$55NM  |  Central

2nd - 5th grade
Test your throwing and dodging skills on the court in a fun and safe environment. Teams will have a max of nine players and will play up to seven games in 60 minutes. Each team will have a coach to make sure safe play is practiced. Games will take place on Friday evenings from 6-7:00pm.   

Register online or at our front desk.

Ages 4-12  |  January 8 - March 2  |  $70M/$90NM  |  Central
Learn to play one of the fastest games in the world! This action-packed class will emphasize the importance of teamwork and sportsmanship while teaching the basic skills of passing, shooting, stick handling, and much more! In addition to the physical gains associated with hockey, there is also something to be said for the mental health benefits that come with playing the game. Exercise itself can improve your mood because of the endorphins that are released. As a form of exercise, floor hockey provides this benefit, but there’s an added brain boost that comes with the sport as well. Floor Hockey demands good decision-making, and honing these skills can also be transferred to everyday life.

Children must bring shin guards. Games will be held on Saturday afternoons. REGISTER ONLINE or with our front desk at 630-552-4100.