For Chloé Oelker, this competitive gymnastics season is like no other; with a new season comes all new floor routines for her level 6 & 7 gymnasts.  And by new, we’re talking: last year’s trends are out and forget about those pre-purchased templates.

A custom choreographed floor routine for each competitive gymnast is no small task but Chloé finds joy in pulling from her own gymnastics, dance and music background.  An extensive performing arts background that includes over 14 years of dance in the Fox Valley community, 15 years of violin and 6 years of gymnastics training.

After 6 years of instructing, she’s a pro at getting to know each gymnast; taking in their personality, skill level and even their taste in music.  Her goal is to find the perfect niche between tumbling, dance and music.  And while her focus is on technique, she also values the importance of making the routines fun.

Erin Doles, a level 6 Fox Valley Flyer from Yorkville, says, “Chloé knows how to bring out my personality, she picks music I can dance to and really express myself. ”

At the drawing board, she constructs an outline for each routine that sticks to the extensive rules and requirements in place by USA Gymnastics.  Then, she adds music, sometimes taking up to 6 hours to edit a song!  So, not only will no other routine look like Chloé’s, no other routine will sound like it, either.

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Above: Erin "mirrors" Chloé while learning her new floor routine.

Below: Chloé spots Erin's tumbling pass.