Is your New Year's resolution motivation starting to fade?  Don't let it – join us for our uplifting 31 Day Healthy Eating Challenge for National Nutrition Month!  Here's the deal: Try these tiny-but-mighty nutrition challenges every day this month; each one should leave you feeling healthier, slimmer, and stronger than when you woke up. All you have to do is try out the tip or modify it to the best of your abilities and resources. For instance, on March 2nd, sub avocado for mayonnaise/dressing on your sandwich or salad to make the day oil-free.  Whether you step up your healthy eating right from the get-go on March 1st or join in on a random date, try and see how many of these mini challenges you can check off on your calendar during the month! 

  • Earn 5 points per day completed. Mark your calendar on the days you participated – honor system ;)
  • Earn 10 points for attending each special R.D. event. Events listed below:
    • Monday, March 6th: Put your Best Fork Forward
    • Wednesday, March 15th: Rethink Your Drink
    • Monday, March 20th: Healthy Recipe Demo
    • Friday, March 31st: Reducing Sodium Intakes
  • Prizes will go to the top 5 participants for most points earned. Prizes to be determined.

Join us by downloading the Challenge Calendar and start checking off challenges today!  Look for tips for implementing daily challenges on our Facebook page.  As well as, extra point opportunities!

Additional Resources:

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