Children naturally love art – painting, drawing, making music, and theater. The arts help children think creatively, learn observation, collaboration, and problem-solving techniques, all while building confidence and self-esteem. REGISTER

Saturday, November 10 | 1-4:00pm
Ages 7 and up
“All the world’s a stage...” This famous quote from William Shakespeare will lead us on our journey into Theatre. We will look at all the types of theatre we can experience and be a part of. We will look at how a play happens and how the actors prepare! We will also discuss the use of theatre in our lives. This workshop will focus on the fundamentals of theatre and how we can enjoy it in our lives! Register here.

Saturday, November 17 | 1-4:00pm
Ages 12 and up
Come and experience the world of Improv! Learn to think on your feet and to keep an audience engaged till the punch line. This workshop will focus on the basics of improv as well as, games and techniques to use to keep everyone around you on their toes. We will spend our time learning how to be a generous improv participant in any scene presented to us. We will also learn how the art of improv can improve our everyday interactions! Register here.

Saturday, December 1 | 1-4:00pm
Ages 7 and up
Bring on the music! In this workshop, we will learn the basics of how to be a part of a musical. We will discuss audition techniques as well as look at the most popular musicals of the time. This workshop is also a great introduction to the art of the Musical. Join us as we come hear the music play! Register here.

Welcome Annette Smith to our Arts Department

Annette Smith is excited to start sharing her love and knowledge of theatre and all things dramatic with the Fox Valley Family YMCA community. She started acting at age 5 and found her passion on stage, spending every summer performing at theatre camps. When she reached high school she focused on theatre - beginning to teach at the same summer camp she attended growing up. When she started her time at Illinois State University she focused on acting and theatre education, wanting to help future generations find a home either on stage or backstage like she did. She also began her study of Shakespeare at the Illinois Shakespeare Festival. Annette moved to the Fox Valley Area from Chicago with her husband and son to be closer to their family.  She brings her passion for theatre in all its forms, especially Shakespeare and musicals, with her to the YMCA and looks forward to helping build a strong arts department for everyone!

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