Les Mills Launch Week | Sept 25-29th

The world’s most powerful workout – get super fit with the hottest high-intensity interval training workout on the planet.

Join us the week of Sept. 25th at Central & West Branch for our Les Mills Launch, featuring brand new music and routines for your favorite classes such as BodyPump, BodyStep, BodyCombat, and CX Worx! We will also have full class demonstrations for Zumba, WERQ, Boot Camp, Yoga and more.

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Group Exercise meets the pool

Exercising in water has so many benefits. Buoyancy allows you to perform exercises you may find a lot more difficult to do on land and the resistance it provides makes it easier to tone your muscles. Water also keeps you cool while exercising so you don't get all sweaty. Water aerobics has the advantage of providing the cardiovascular workout you'd get in the gym while also improving muscle tone.

Check it out – We’ve added 2 new classes to accommodate the popularity of our Aqua Fitness Program!

Tuesdays & Thursdays  | 8:30-9:15 am
(TUFF) Total Ultimate Fitness Force is a high energy, low impact aqua interval workout for all fitness levels.  This class will use your entire body to challenge your muscular endurance, balance and cardiovascular capacity. All while having fun in the pool! You’ll leave feeling refreshed and empowered!


FREE SAMPLE!  Friday, Sept. 22 & October 20 @ 10:15-10:45am
Fridays | 10:15-11am | $58M/$87NM
Begins Oct. 30 - Dec. 23
Ballet Barre exercises are translated into a pool setting in our new Aqua Barre class. Participants will use pool noodles and the pool wall for assistance. Practicing in deeper water can bring an additional challenge to participants, although no swimming skills are necessary. These new aqua exercises challenge stability and core strength.


View Full Fitness and Pool Schedule here




Aqua Fit


9-10:00 AM

Aqua Tuff


8:30-9:15 AM

Aqua Zumba


9:30-10:30 AM

Aqua Zumba


4:30-5:15 PM

*Aqua Barre


10:15-11 AM

*Aqua Barre is a specialty group class which begins Oct. 30. Registration is required. Class fee is $58M/$87NM. Class days and times subject to change.

We are the Y

Hellos in the hallways. Splashes in the pool. Me time in yoga. Feeling at home, even off the field. You know the feeling – being part of something bigger. We are The Y!




Whether it was a goal to get in shape or learn to swim, below are the some of the stories that make our Y strong.



"I have been on the Fox Valley Flyers Gymnastics Team since 2nd grade. During those six years, I have learned a lot, made new friends and have become a better gymnast. Going to gymnastics at the Y was always the highlight of my day, especially during the school year. The coaches are super nice but also know when to push us to make us stronger.  The team girls are just like family – the whole team is supportive, encouraging, understanding and fun! Gymnastics has been an amazing experience for me and I'm excited for what the next four years has in store for me!"




From a one week trial to a love of our Group Ex Fitness classes, meet Tammy!

• Why have you chosen to workout at the Y?

I started with the one week trial because I wanted to see what the group classes were about. I realized right away that the Y is more of a community than a workout facility. The instructors have strong relationships with their classes and everyone is friendly and welcoming. I'm very thankful for the friendships I've made through the Y. 

• What is your favorite class?

My favorite classes are Pilates and Les Mills BodyPump. Pilates helped me correct my diastasis recti after having my second baby, and that made a big difference in all areas of my fitness.

• Do you or your family participate in any other Y programs?

My son does swim lessons off and on and my husband sometimes plays in the open gym basketball games. My 2 boys also go to the kid zone while I work out and they love it. They ask to go there every day so I love knowing they're having fun and socializing while I get a good workout in (and get to socialize myself!) 

• Have you experienced positive changes or benefits that you would attribute to working out at the Y?

When I started this fitness journey I had no idea where it would take me, but I've noticed so many positive changes. I have grown to love group fitness classes. I am much healthier than I've been in probably a decade. I have more energy to keep up with my boys, and working out has been a great stress reliever for me.



"Lincoln always came to class with a big smile on his face. He was either dressed in his favorite superhero clothing and was excited to see his friends. Lincoln was eager to participate and share during our Morning Circle. He liked to make his friends laugh and had a great sense of humor. During the school year, he worked really hard on writing his name. By the end of the year, he could write his first and last name fluently!"  –Mrs. Poss, Lincoln's Preschool teacher.



"I've made new friends outside of school and enjoy hanging out with fellow swimmers. My favorite event is the 50M Back Stroke." said Ben. With just 2 seasons under his cap, Ben is already excelling as a member of the Aqua Force Swim Team and in more than just his favorite event. This past weekend, Ben took 2nd place in his age group in the 200M Freestyle at the YMCA Swimming Championships. "Ben showed potential and I was excited to work with him at practice. Now his hard work has paid off at big meets. I can see his enthusiasm, especially when he's on that podium holding a medal!" says Swim Coach, Kevin Satler.

While Ben practices with the swim team, his 2 younger sisters, Lily and Maddy, take swim lessons.  Their mother Katie says, "The kids love the water – they beg to be signed-up. Swim lessons have prepared the girls to swim in the lake. Lily is now comfortable putting her face in the water and Maddy swims on her own instead of holding onto me. AND when the girls and Ben swim, I get to work out! I enjoy Les Mills BODYSTEP and BODYPUMP as well as Spin."




Dean, member since 2009, deliveries beautiful, home-grown roses to our front desk all summer long. Not only do Dean's flowers brighten the desk, they also brighten our day! THIS is what it means to be a member at the Y. Because we're more than a gym – we're family.




When we asked Eric if we could take his photo for this feature, he replied, "Get this pose, you can really see my muscles." 

That sense of humor and confidence makes him well-liked by staff and members. But his commitment to a healthy lifestyle is why he chooses the Y. "Fitness leads to a healthy life. A healthy life leads to a happy life. And a happy life leads to a well-lived life." 





“My favorite part of soccer was making goals and being on a team with all of my new and old friends,” says Emmett.  Not only is the commitment to a sport beneficial to a child, it's also a benefit to the family as a whole. "Our family has made lifelong friends at the Y. Our whole family looks forward to sports days,"  said Emmet's mother, Tiffany. "Coach Ed clicked with all the kids and I could tell he truly cared for all of them. It was fun to watch each kid on the team improve their skills and grow their confidence."







Voted Best 2017 Health/Fitness Club in Kendall County

We are excited to announce that we were voted "Best Health/Fitness Club in Kendall County" in the Record Newspapers "Best of the Fox” Readers' Choice Awards! Thank you to everyone who voted, and thank you for your continued support of Kendall County's largest charity organization!

My Y is Every Y!


We want to encourage members to utilize the Y as often as they can. Sometimes, it’s more convenient for members to utilize a Y in a different location when traveling, near a workplace or in another region. Now, Fox Valley Family YMCA members have the flexibility to use other Y facilities throughout the state of Illinois, at no extra charge.

Simply present your active YMCA membership card and photo ID at any participating YMCA statewide and enjoy free access.

• The YMCA’s Reciprocal Membership Program is valid for YMCA Facility Members only. Community Members may upgrade to a Facility Membership at any time to qualify.

• Visitors to other Y’s must present a valid YMCA membership card and photo ID upon their first visit and complete a visiting member waiver or standard membership application form with liability waiver.

• A Facility Member’s home branch designation and subsequent monthly membership rate will be determined by which branch the member uses 50 percent of the time. Program discounts do not apply. Participating YMCAs reserve the right to restrict facility or program access. Other restrictions and exclusions may apply.

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YMCA Youth & Government

PLEASE NOTE: Non-participating Y's include YMCA of Metro Chicago, Champaign Association and University Y.
Participating Y's that do not have workout facilities include YMCA Youth & Government and Tri-Town YMCA.

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